Staying Healthy is a conscious choice which is made by us for our mental and physical well-being. This cannot be forced. It becomes a way of our life by adapting it on a daily basis.

There are many factors affecting our well-being, diet and genes along with our lifestyle being the most important. Genetic factors is mostly heredity and passes on, be it good genes like looks, habits, physical personality traits or bad genes like diseases or traits which pass on from one generation to the other. Lifestyle related habits we adapt in life due to pressure or company we associate with like drinking, smoking, work stress etc. Most diseases are a result of the same things like heart diseases, stress and addiction to alcohol, smoking etc.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Drink loads and loads of water every opportunity you get. Water helps you stay hydrated reducing cravings for junk food and unhealthy caffeinated drinks. Many times thirst is confused with hunger, hence it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy on you at all times. It aid in weight loss and makes you feel good about yourself. It helps in keeping our skin looking fresh and radiant and ensures fluidity in our joints and tissues muscles. 6-8 glasses of water are the daily minimum requirement of an adult.

 02. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t mean an hour in the gym or working out hardcore with a trainer, a simple walk or running up and down the stairs is equally beneficial. Exercise can be physical or mental, depending on our needs. Walking outdoor first thing in the morning is the beginning to a great start for the day. If that’s not possible, walk to the nearest grocery store or try running your errands without transport and walk it up. Walking is the simplest and cheapest exercise which works on all parts of the body.

 03. Sleep Well

Sleeping well is the key to good health. Getting up and sleeping at night on the same time daily creates a body clock which helps us in smooth processing of our day. Early morning risers are said to be more productive and competent in their day as they radiate freshness and positivity. These people also have early sleeping nights which gives them the required rest needed by their body. Being sleep deprived or bad quality of sleep affects an individual making them less productive and induces stress and related diseases.

04. Planning the day
Planning the day in advance is a sign of a healthy mind. Planning may mean planning your day ahead, work schedule, your free hours as well as our daily food menu. Planning meals in advance and preparing them leads to a healthy day where binges for junk and unhealthy food are taken care of. Writing down things also helps in relieving stress as we don’t have to worry over our to-do list mentally. Writing/Planning gives us a sense of calm and completion and helps in better sleep and productivity.
05. Connect with family/friends
Connecting with family and friends makes us happy and peaceful from within. After a hard day of work, spending time with our loved ones distresses us and keeps us happy and motivated to do well for them.  It provides a comfortable feeling of being loved and cared for which in turn releases feel good hormones. Spending time with kids or elders in the house is equally enriching. Laughing with gay abandon with children and joining in the fun and mischief releases us from our day to day stress, whilst being with elders enriches us with their worldly advice and experiences for our betterment.

06. Break from Technology
In our day to day lives we have become so addictive to technology like our Mobiles, I pads, TV’s, computers, laptops etc that it is become difficult for us to survive or think without them. For small minute things like waking up we need to set alarms on the mobile, for remembering things we need to make notes on mobile/computer. Gone are the days when we could remember telephone numbers of near and dear ones or when we could wake up to the sounds of alarm clocks. Entertainment today consists of TV, songs, games etc. people are getting addictive to sitting indoors and they have forgotten outdoor games and activities. For a healthy life, we need to detach ourselves from this technology addiction and use it only at the bare minimum to survive.

07. Nurture a Hobby/Learn something new
Learning something new or nurturing a hobby is a great means to calm our minds and make it stress free. It promotes a feeling of peace and happiness. It makes us more productive and efficient. Learning a new way to exercise/diet, new recipes for cooking or learning a new skill on your current job makes us feel more accomplished and happy and increases overall productivity and well being.

 08. Balance in Life
Finding and maintaining a balance in life is very important. We need to define our work and personal life boundaries and should dedicate enough time for each. Emphasis on family time and life should not be compromised due to long and uneven working hours. We are replaceable at work but in our families we are the only ones. Staying happy and positive with family, friends, neighbors and people around us creates a calm and positive atmosphere which leads to positive vibes and increase in overall productivity and happiness.
Happy and healthy living is easy and attainable, we just have to set our priorities right and work hard to achieve our goals. Dedication and Self belief is the key.